gala_apples (gala_apples) wrote,

Okay, but why are there no Elementary/White Collar crossover fics?

I mean there's a hot Joan/Diana one, but it's just pwp. There could be epically beautiful case fic. I've read a few WC/British Sherlock fics, but it's more difficult to justify those, because well, they're separated by an ocean. Sherlock and Joan are IN NEW YORK. Peter and Gregson can commiserate about annoying consultants. Or Joan and Christie could have been in the same residency program. And Sherlock would be all LOOKITME I'M SMART AND DEDUCE ALLLL THE THINGS. And Neal would be like 'your wardrobe is worse than Peter's and physically pains me. But I like your instinct.' And Alfredo and Neal and Mozzie can be car-breaking buddies!

Or like, if you wanna get dark about it, Neal or Mozzie or Alex or Kate could have worked with Irene Adler, back when she was restoring paintings. She canonically "liberated" famous paintings from galleries that were going to restore them poorly. Neal would TOTALLY get behind that. And then she'd go missing and Mozzie would have all these conspiracy theories about how the cop she was dating probably did it.

I just. Ugh, there's so much potential but I can't write it because it requires knowledge of either art, medicine, or law. And I have zero of the above.

(otherwise known as I finished marathoning season one just in time for season two, and I highly HIGHLY enjoyed a few of those last plot twists, but fandom seems to be a lot of Joan/Sherlock and I like them as besties better)(and also Needs Maor ms Hudson and Alfredo.)
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