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Doing a meme so I can think about something else than what I'm stressing about for five minutes. Because uuugh. My brain won't stop.

Top Ten Fics By Kudos:

1)We Might As Well Close Our Eyes- Kurt accidentally finds out he's a sub, Puck accidentally finds out he's a dom, and they're both into Finn, who has tons and TONS of gay panic.
2) Until- Darcy's bi and falls for Jane. Jane falls back because Thor's not there. And then Thor comes back. But it's cool because on Asgard poly relationships are the norm.
3) When All These Stars Hit Ground (They'll wake us)- Puck comes out, has summer friends-with-benefits with Kurt before realising he's in love.
4) Job Description- Avengers mental health ward AU.
5) I'm a Poor Man Walking Down The Road- Magneto's poor and a mutant, Charles is rich and a mutant. The class difference matters a lot. Also takes place in space.
6) He Wants It All- Jake wants to do some Not-Gay fooling around, and Ryder conveniently forgets to mention he's pansexual.
7) Hackable Hearts- Penelope Garcia and her BAU team doesn't appreciate this asshole bureaucrat Coulson. Tony's not sure who's trying to hack him, but he ~likes~ it. Also there is ot6.
8) Selected Excerpts from Tony's LJ- Tony has opinions about fandoms. Also it's pre-ot6.
9) Admiration, Imitation- Ryder and Jake think Blaine and Sam are awesome.
10) We're Here, We're Queer, You Should Have Already Known- No one cares that Boots and Bruno are dating, but somehow there are shotguns and committees and late night riots anyway.

-yes, four of those titles are lyrics. I blame Ryan Ross.
-my first bandom fic is number 18. It's Let's All Call In Queer To Work, with basically every bandom band in a super homophobic dystopian AU.
-if you switch to hits, We Might As Well Close Our Eyes, He Wants It All, Until and Job Description are top 4, and then the rest is oooooold Buffy fic. Weird.
-fics with poly--4
-fics with friends with benefits--5
-fics where friends end up in relationships--8. Possibly 9, if you consider Erik/Charles friends. And one is genfic, so.

(do I have my favourite tropes? Yes I do)
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