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Hi! Thanks for writing for me. My Things I Like lists tend to be pretty long but I hope they're not obnoxiously so. Rifle through and pluck out the bits that sound interesting :)

In general: I'd rather have an in character conversation than an unoffensive conversation. This probably goes mostly for It's Always Sunny, but I mean it for any of the fandoms. Misogyny, racism, homophobia- if the characters would say it, write it.

One of my fandoms includes a lot of drug use, and the others could easily have it written in. Please, for the love of the Powers That Be, if you're writing them doing ___, write it accurately. Nothing kills a fic faster for me than a fic where someone takes E and gets really mad, or snorts coke and gets sleepy. If you haven't done anything in your past, a great resource is There are about a thousand drugs listed, all with both scientific information and write-in trip reports.

I see life through very queer glasses. I automatically go to poly, then two-person-slash, then gen, then het. I'd really rather a genfic than a focus on paired heterosexual romance. And if you do write a slash or poly fic, I'm down with any rating. From essentially gen where they call each other boyfriend but don't even hold hands to 1k of fucking, I'm good. And if you do aim for a higher rating, I quite like nearly any kink. Some of my favourites are makeshift bondage (like ties or clothes pushed half off to restrict movement) public teasing into being turned on, making people blush, dirty talk, marks of ownership (not necessarily hardcore like collaring, though that's great, having a bracelet to wear or a string of hickies work too). But really, if you wanted to go for any kink I'd be happy. My only limit is no guro/vore.

Note: massages are a trigger of mine. It's really upsetting to read them. I'm okay with dub-con (whether due to manipulation or intoxication), but straight up non-con is not enjoyable. I also have phobias of fire/burning alive, stuff happening to eyeballs, and condiments. I understand that Cassidy can be set on fire, and Earp revenants get sucked into fiery hell, just don't focus on those moments, please.

More specifically:

It’s Always Sunny: My favourite character is Mac. I’m fascinated by the Mac/Dennis dynamic and how Dennis’ sociopathy plays with Mac’s insecurity. I'd say they have a D/s dynamic, except for the consent thing, which is pretty important to standard D/s. I ship them quite strongly, but if you're not shippy, the canonical interactions are queer enough to get me by :) For this fandom I'd like canon based, or futurefic. I'd be delighted if you could figure out a way to make Mac come out AND STAY OUT. Maybe threesomes are okay, the woman cancels out the man? Or hit it from a religious angle, the new pope being the least homophobic pope the church has ever had? Maybe Charlie writes an even gayer musical and it breaks Mac's closet-willpower? Another idea, I think it’d be hilarious for Mac to get a boyfriend behind the Gang’s back, and how Dennis would lose his mind with jealousy when he finds out. How is he supposed to control Mac if Mac has another man?! Oh, and I headcanon Charlie as asexual, so I can see him being confused but vaguely supportive.

Macdonald Hall:
I ship Bruno/Boots and Bruno/Boots/Cathy/Diane. I really would not be interested in one male/one female. (I didn't request all four chars as to not demand poly from you, but if you're feeling it, please do!) Again, it comes down to the D/s dynamic. Even if it isn't sexual, I love how Bruno can talk anyone into doing anything, even though they're always initially reluctant. The same goes for Cathy. With Macdonald Hall I enjoy the stuff that comes up in all the books; crazy plans, Fish knowing all, Scrimmage and her shotgun, that thing Korman does where there's a large group of people talking and they all have one line and no one gets named. The phrase "sanctity of Macdonald Hall". I like the fact that the secondary characters are one dimensional- Elmer should always be smart, Sidney should always hurt himself, Wilbur should always eat. I would enjoy canonical, futurefic, or AU fic for this fandom. Cathy is secretly a werewolf? Macdonald Hall is a elite school/shelter in a barren wasteland, and the teachers despair because Sidney is one of their best hopes for mankind? Macdonald Hall is full of Light Court Faeries, and York Academy is for Dark Court Faeries, and Bruno freaks out when his unaffiliated friend Boots' dad begins to be swayed by the Dark Court? I love all kinds of urban fantasy, sci fi, and dystopias.

Wynonna Earp:
I’d like canon, or set in an alternate supernatural ‘verse. I picked the Wynonna and Waverly tags because I can’t envision a world where they don’t support each other and hang out. If you’d prefer I’d be happy with a gen case fic, the murderous demon of the week, what they’ve done and the research that goes into finding it. That said, if you’re willing to write ship-fic, you have two options. Waverly/Nicole is sweet and romantic, I’ve been rooting for it since Nicole’s first introduction. I also ship hardcore Wynonna/Dolls/Doc, and there’s practically none of it to be found. I don’t like Wynonna with either of them individually, neither of the individual dynamics fits for me.

Stranger Things:
I like the canon but I'd happily take a different supernatural menace, or a dystopia, or if you don’t know much about the 80’s, a modern AU. I’m really hoping you’re a shipper because I’d prefer ship fic (Steve/Nancy/Jonathan) if possible. I subscribe to the popular headcanon that Steve helped Nancy get the camera at the end of the season. Beyond that, whatever story you want I'll read.

I'd most like future fic. Make up your own idea for the ‘finding god’ roadtrip. (I know nothing of comics canon, so you can really go hog wild). Or hell, make it even further into the future than that, some kind of fucked up mentally unstable alcoholic curtainfic. I tagged for Cassidy/Jesse to get some friendly vamp boyfriend loving, but considering the end of s1, Tulip’s obviously pretty important to them. If you’re so inclined, I also ship the three of them, since Tulip’s been with them both.
A few things to think about- how do they feel when they find out about the town exploding? With Tulip and Cassidy’s pro-chaos and crime natures, does Jesse succumb or still try to ride the moral high horse? Also, this is extremely optional (I don’t want to be the shitty prompter that ends up on _coal), but if you do a roadtrip fic, some sneaky crossover references to other godless nightmare towns (Sunnydale, Night Vale, Sleepy Hollow etc) would be funny.
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