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unlined notebook

it's all about the kink

22 July 1988
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why he's not dead:
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I'm a 23 year old multishipper. I love Weasleys, Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors. I'm all about the slash and threesomes, if I wanted het I could look at RL. I have an obsessive need to black out bingo tables as well as sign up for as many fests, prompts, challenges, and big bangs as possible. All my Harry Potter fic can be found on InsaneJournal, where they are neatly tagged, rather than posted all over the place on LJ. When I have time I'll upload to ao3. Bandom has a masterlist on LJ and DW, and is currently being uploaded to ao3. All other fandoms are already on ao3.

My primary fandom is currently bandom (mostly MCR, PatD and CS, but others occasionally feature). Avengers is closing in on the horizon as a great fandom for me. In the past I've written a lot of Harry Potter (7 years worth), Skins (cast one), Xmen Movieverse, and Buffy/Angel, and plan on getting back to them soon eventually. I'll read QAF, Supernatural, and a bunch of other stuff depending on how bored I get.

When asked for a quote that reminded her of me, dr_jasley instead wrote a short poem:
A dark thought doesn't always fester and rot. The creative mind can scoop it up and replant it in a shady spot. For if given the chance to flourish all would see how different it can be when the proper understanding and respect is given to it.

interested in seamus fics?

Nearly all my fics at ao3
a clockwork orange, androgeny, bill weasley, bill/charlie, blaise/ron, blueshaded!harry/draco, bondage, brie boy, carroty!ron, cbt is guaranteed laughter, challenges, char with a boner, charlie weasley, closedeyes!harry, corsets, cross-dressing, diy, dom/sub, dresden dolls, foodsmut, fred weasley, fred/george, ftw fight the wank, ftw is not winning, fuh-q-fests, george weasley, girl with many eyes, hospitals, hypochondria, i belong to bethy, incest, james/harry, jimmy hideous penguin boy, junk girl, kayem being siab, kink, leather, lee jordan, lesbians, melancholy deaths, mummy boy, myra fucking!watermelon, nightmare before christmas, nose!art, orgies, oyster boy, percy weasley, percy/oliver, percy/ron, phantom of the paradise, pin cushion queen, pink!draco, polyandry, posture bars, pyjamas, randomosity, robot boy, ron weasley, ron/draco, ron/neville, ron/viktor, roy the toxic boy, seamus, seamus/dean, sex toys, sirius-is-not-dead, slash, smut, songfics don't blow, stain boy, staring queen, supplier of serial killers, tagetes my love, theodore/blaise, theodore/ron, threesomes, tmfe, twin ara, twin!love, twincest, viktor beating on ron, viktor/ron, voyeurism, winning at peer pressure, writing challenges, x-men the movie, zomgz seamus